Friday, April 28, 2006

[trip] Ridge Walking Rt. 7 Part 2

Brian, Jason, and I did some poking around Rt. 7 this evening. We checked out the entrance to Maiden Run #1, found the entrance to Maiden Run #2, and checked out a resurgance and FRO between the two. Both Maiden Run #1 and #2 were blowing cool air.

We then drove down the road a bit and found Nuttinbuttawett Pit, a 20' deep crevice that completely swallows a small stream. The water resurges a few dozen yards down the hill, and looks like it might drop underground again on one side. This area is also peppered with springs and lots of weathered limestone outcrops.

Jason Thomas checks out an interesting karst feature between Maiden Run #1 and #2

Me descending Mon County's deepest pit by hand, Nuttinbuttawett Pit

All photos by Brian Masney

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