Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Judi and I drove down to Mingo Flats/Elk River Valley and met Llew Williams, Bob & Mary, and a few others for a trip into the historic entrance of Simmons-Mingo Cave. Llew had his camp set up in the mouth of the cave to keep cool. We climbed down and down a few breakdown hills, then descended a cable ladder to a nice pit and a wet crawl. Nobody had on vert gear, and the majority voted against getting wet, so we never made it to the Good Stuff.

One of my New Years Day Cave trip reports was published in this month's West Virginia Caver, does this make me a BNC?

Hellhole is now the 16th longest cave in the US at 23.90 miles. (Edit: 2006 season closed with 24.92 miles, passing Sloans Valley for 15th place!)

I got my TRA membership in the mail today... not bad considering I mailed it in the day before the deadline. See you at OTR!

Judi Wasilewski and Dave Riggs in Simmons-Mingo Cave. Photo by Llew Williams.

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