Thursday, November 02, 2006

Raese on Vampire Bats

Republican WV Senate candidate John Raese was interviewed on PBS's Outlook show on Oct. 12. Raese is CEO of Greer Industries, the only group of people who get more excited about limestone than cavers do. The following excerpt from the interview is Raese talking about the sorts of government regulation he'd like to do away for the benefit of small business (like his own):

I sit around and battle the endangered species act when I have to sit around and follow how many vampire bats are in a quarry that I have -- send two people down to see how many vampire bats we have. Is that a good law?

He is likely referring to those pesky endangered "vampire" bats in that derned Hellhole Cave (15th longest cave in the US, home to 45% of the world's population of Virginia Big-Eared Bats). The entire interview is full of great quotes, and I recommend that all West Virginians of voting age read the transcript in full. More info on the issue with Greer and Hellhole is available here.

Update: Raese lost.

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