Monday, June 18, 2007


After scouring the web and failing to find any podcasts related to caving, Aaron Bird has decided to start his own - PodCaver. So far, he's got several hours worth of content up, including discussion with Rachel Bosch-Bird about Mammoth Cave, an interview with Mark Passerby about caving tools, technology, and methods and his work in Raders Valley, and daily reports from our recent work week in the Cheat Canyon. You may recognize Aaron from the insightful speleo-commentary that he occasionally posts here on the Speleo Log, or from his excellent print interviews in the Cave Diggers / magazine.

Links: PodCaver Website, PodCaver on iTunes, PodCaver RSS Feed

Aaron Bird recording the next exciting installment in his state-of-the-art PodCaver Studio. Photo by Brian Masney

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