Tuesday, September 04, 2007

[trip] Travertine Spring Digging

On Monday night I did some solo digging on Deckers Creek, at the spring/FRO that I've named Travertine Spring FRO. I went out again on Tuesday evening with John Harman, who helped move some serious rocks that I couldn't touch on my own. At dusk, two bats flew out of the breakdown where we were digging - one surprised bat bounced off my head on his way out. The cave is named for the chunks of layered calcite (travertine) that have been found in the stream bed, which are hopefully a sign that some serious cave exists inside.

Exciting times we live in...

Travertine chunks found in the streambed of Travertine Spring FRO, Monongalia County, WV.


Judith Blakley said...

Okay. I'm gonna have to come back and read all of this. I miss caving so much. My arthritis is just too bad :(

Wayne said...
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