Sunday, November 13, 2005

How Druid Cave Got Its Name

I asked Alan Peterson how Druid Cave got its name... He was president of the WVU Student Grotto back in 1979. They spent lots of time in Beaverhole Upper and Lower, Maiden Run, and figured that there must be some caves that lined up with them on the other side of the Cheat. They consulted some topo maps, and started doing ridge walking in probable locations. The group of 3 that found the Druid entrance were all Forestry majors. Since "all Forestry majors worship the trees", they decided that there was no better name for it than "Druid".

Prior to this weekend, he hadn't been back in a cave since they found Druid, 25 years ago - it'll probably be another 25 years after NYDC!

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