Sunday, November 13, 2005

[Trip] NYDC Work Weekend

This Saturday was a "work weekend" at New Years Day Cave. A record 8 victims volunteers met up at Aaron Bird's house at 9:30am. I almost missed the caravan due to an unwelcome speeding ticket, but made it just in time.

My team - me, Aaron Bird, Doug McCarty, and one of the original discoverers on Druid Cave, Alan Peterson - spent the day continuing the survey. We started the survey just on the other side of the nasty water crawl. We added about 300' to the survey, to just past the long rock-on-rock crawl (which was about an inch smaller than Doug in his wetsuit). A summarizing quote from this survey trip was "David, the next station is this hole in the mud."

We used glowsticks for this survey, and I'm impressed with how well they worked out. The forward and back sight each had a different color so you could use your stick (eg. orange) to light the instruments while easily sighting the other color stick (eg. green). Since they're a line instead of a point, you can align the stick vertically for sighting azimuth and horizontally for sighting inclination. Very handy, but avoid trying to use a dim one!

The other team - Brian Masney, Jason Thomas, Rocky Parsons, and Alan Grubb - went ahead with the intent of pushing the cave towards Druid. They put a good deal of muscle power against some formidable rocks, and weren't able to pass.

The hike up out of the valley was slow and painful for everyone! Afterwards, everyone headed back to Aaron's where Rachel had prepared some awesome bean soup and blue cornbread.

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