Wednesday, September 06, 2006

OTR 2006

The 2006 Old Timers Reunion has come and gone; the rain seemed to scare away some of the kooks making it pretty enjoyable. Unfortunately, the rain also made it cold, wet, and incredibly muddy... but you'll have that. Judi and I did some truck camping to avoid sleeping in a nasty tent, but we still wound up leaving at around midnight on Saturday to head back to warmer and dryer quarters.


- Instructions at the gate on the way in: "Do something weird."
- Caving trip into the historic entrance of Simmons-Mingo Cave
- Bill Biggers told me that I look just like Lew Bicking
- I picked up the Northern Pocahontas WVaSS Bulletin, the Karst Hydrology Atlas of WV, and the '89 SERA Guidebook
- Being videotaped for the blockbuster new film, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Druid Cave
- Seeing lots of friends and meeting lots of new ones

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