Thursday, September 28, 2006

[trip] Beaverhole Upper

This Wednesday, the WVUSG took an evening trip into Beaverhole Upper Cave, located just over the Preston County line. Myself, Kyle McMillan, Brian Masney, and John Cunningham were there, along with three cavers new to the grotto, Rachael, Tom, and Aaron. We left the Rec Center at 6pm and headed down into the Cheat Canyon.

Brian, Kyle, Aaron, Dave, Tom, Rachael and John at the entrance to Beaverhole Upper.

The cave entrance was completely dry. I'd never noticed this before, but the cave stream actually sinks in the entrance room and resurges about 20' down the hill from the cave entrance; you can't tell that the water is being pirated at normal levels but we saw it sink right into the floor. We took the usual high route to the back of the cave, stopping to check out different nooks along the way. I poked around in some of the passage that usually moves water towards the back since it was so dry; we found a 4" crayfish stranded in a 6" puddle waiting for a good rain to wash him out.

John Cunningham defies gravity.

On the way out, a few of us followed the stream passage the whole way, then everyone met back up again. As I was exiting the front passages, I looked down behind a large rock and saw Rich Finley lying there in street clothes, grinning and waiting to jump out at someone! He, Cara Doud and Dave Olsen had popped in the cave just to say 'hi'. We all headed out, changed clothes and got back to Morgantown at 10:50, only to find that the new IHOP closes at 11pm. Damn. We were in cave for 2.5 hours.

Photos by Brian Masney


dant1986 said...

I have been going camping down beaverhole for a few years now and i cannot still find the area of the cave. I will be going there soon and i was wondering if there is any way you could tell me how i could go about finding it. A hint or anything would be a great help. Thank you!!!!!

Dave Riggs said...

If you are interested in caving in the area, I recommend you join up with one of the local groups like the Monongahela Grotto or the WVU Student Grotto.

curt detman said...

I did both the lower and the upper. I don't know the difference between the two. My understanding the key hole one on the hill is Lower Beaver hole and the one closer to the river is Upper. If i'm wrong please set me straight.